About Us

Exceptional Customer Service is the Hallmark of the Skycom Mission and Reputation.

Local, Experienced

Skycom Courier is a locally-owned, full-service logistics company with over 25 years of experience in the express delivery business. Skycom provides on-time deliveries and other logistics options with superior customer service and competitive pricing.

Same Day, Next Day Delivery

As a leader in logistics, Skycom Courier offers reliable dispatch services to broker Car, Van, Truck and Speedy Non-Motor deliveries throughout Boston and New England. Skycom also provides same day and next day air delivery services nationwide.

Crosstown Boston & Cambridge Delivery

Skycom proudly serves the Boston and Cambridge urban areas. We specialize in arranging fast, dependable bike delivery of business documents, bank deposits and other parcel, and various other daily requests across industries. Deliveries range from bank account documents to office supplies, such as envelopes, tubes and diskettes.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We use the latest systems and technology, including barcode package scanning. All jobs are booked, dispatched and tracked following tested and proven protocol, ensuring an uncompromised chain of custody and the most efficient delivery services.

24/7 Delivery Services

Skycom brokers convenient, cost-effective and dependable delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are on time, on track and online…all the time.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Service is our number one priority. Skycom is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations and providing them with a worry-free, convenient option for all delivery needs.

Full-Service Delivery

Full-Service Delivery: Skycom is a one-stop-shop for your courier, transportation, air service, warehousing and fulfillment needs. Our courier partners stand ready to deliver your mail, bank deposits, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals, or to effectuate FedEx/UPS retrieval.

Corporate Diversity

Skycom is a federally certified DBE and HUBZone enterprise. We are also certified by the NMSDC as a minority owned and operated business enterprise. We facilitate corporate diversity business goals and requirements for some of the largest businesses in New England.

Skycom is the preferred logistics provider for many of the region’s most prestigious healthcare companies, educational institutions and local businesses.